Find Wi-Fi, the new Facebook feature to find free networks

Find Wi-Fi, which is still in the testing phase, is only available to a small number of people

New features coming from Facebook. Zuckerberg's social network is testing a new feature that allows users to locate the nearest free wireless hotspots. At the moment the feature has been released only in some countries.

The operation of Find Wi-Fi, this is the name that the American company has given to the tool, is very simple: it activates, looks for the public network and notifies you that it has found it. With this new service, the American company aims to increase the use of streaming video. Facebook, on the other hand, has repeatedly stated that the future is represented by live content, as confirmed by the numbers of social: in recent years, in fact, users share less and less text. It is also not the first time that the platform tries to facilitate free access to the internet. Some time ago, in fact, Facebook in collaboration with Cisco, had experimented a service to offer free Wi-Fi in public places in exchange for users checking in.

Only for a few

The feature, as said, can be used by a limited number of users: Find Wi-Fi, in fact, in addition to being launched exclusively in certain countries, is only available for devices running on Apple's operating system. There is still no news, however, on when the tool will be introduced for Android devices. But who is this new feature meant for? There are no doubts that Find Wi-Fi will be mostly used in developing countries, where the costs for cellular connection are very high or the quality of internet is not optimal, or by all those who do not want to consume data traffic.

More attempts

In fact, it is not the first attempt that Facebook puts into practice to increase the data traffic of its users. In fact, a few months ago, the social launched a lighter version of its messaging app, Messenger Lite.