Fines, notification costs are rising. How to save

The costs of notification of fines and court documents are increasing. One more reason to open a PEC address

Bad news for all Italian motorists and taxpayers. As noted by "Il Sole 24 ore" in its online edition, starting from next June 10 the costs of fines and court documents are expected to increase by at least 3 euros. The news has been spread by Asaps (Association of Supporters and Friends of the Traffic Police), which cites a notice published in the post offices.

In this communication is notified an increase concerning the rates of notifications of fines and judicial acts. Specifically, the increase relates to the CAN (Notification of service) and CAD (Notification of deposit, it is issued when the package is returned to the post office because the recipient is not available) and it starts with an increase of 3 euros for shipments up to 20 grams (the most common way of sending fines and judicial documents). The rate will rise from 6.80 euros to 9.50 euros, with notification costs that will also reach 20 euros or more. Taking into account that some fines are only 29.40 (with a discount if paid within 5 working days), there is a risk of paying more for the notification than for the fine itself.

How to save on fines and court documents

A way to save on the notification of fines and court documents exists and bears the name of PEC. Since February 1, 2018, the Certified Electronic Mail can be used as a digital domicile to receive fines and other notifications from the Public Administration or entities related to it. The fine via PEC can be received by providing your certified address when contesting the fine or previously, creating for example a digital domicile. Before sending the postal notification, the police forces are required to verify that the fined person is not present in a public list (such as INI-PEC or digital domicile), giving priority to the electronic shipment over the postal one.

But why is it convenient to receive the notifications of fines and judicial acts via PEC? Because, in this case, the costs of notification will be deducted from the total amount to be paid. For each fine you can save up to 20 euros, while opening a certified mailbox with Libero Family PEC costs only 14.99 euros.

By opening a PEC, of course, you would be able to take advantage of all the other advantages and uses that this means offers. Thanks to the certified mail we could send cancellations for service contracts or subscriptions (satellite TV, telephone operators, electricity or gas); use it instead of the registered letter; send and receive electronic invoices. In short, a versatile and economic tool that will allow to communicate freely with PA, companies and professionals at very low costs.