Finger Saturimeters: 13 Euros are enough to measure oxygen

The measurement of oxygen in the blood has become a very simple process in recent years thanks to small but effective electronic devices such as pulse oximeters: here's a quality one, but at a bargain price.

The pulse oximeter is an instrument invented by Japanese Takuo Aoyagi in 1974, but for about 45 years no one knew it outside of doctors, nurses and health personnel. Suddenly, with the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the finger pulse oximeter became an essential tool for detecting early symptoms of the disease.

Everyone soon discovered that the pulse oximeter is a very useful device for monitoring health outside of Covid, especially that of older people. A good saturation meter, in fact, not only measures the percentage of oxygen in the blood (SpO2) but often also other parameters such as heart rate. A good saturation meter, then, is easy to use (precisely because it must also be used by the elderly) and has an easy-to-read display. A good saturation meter, finally, costs a bit: from 20 euros you can find the most valid devices. Now, however, there is a good saturation meter that costs much less.

Finger saturimeter with SpO2 on Amazon

This finger saturimeter is not a very small device, but there is a reason: it is designed to be applied to the thumb, thus to the largest finger, to have a larger reading surface and provide more accurate results.

It has a color TFT display that rotates according to the orientation of the finger and works with two mini stylus batteries (AAA, if you want you can also use rechargeable). The display shows the battery status, the percentage of oxygen detected during the measurement, the heartbeats per minute.

In the lower part there is a simple button to turn on and off the pulse oximeter: after putting it on your finger and turning it on, it takes about 5 seconds to have the measurement.

The finger pulse oximeter: how much does it cost

This device is on sale on Amazon and has undergone numerous price reductions in recent months and is now at an all-time low: it started at 30 euros, then fell below 20 euros and now costs just 13.29 euros, an offer you should definitely consider. What's more, it's a Prime product, so those who are Amazon Prime subscribers can receive it at home for free.

The saturimeter is sold by a third-party seller and shipped by Amazon: in case of problems or simple second thoughts, therefore, those who buy it can make a free return within 30 days of receiving the device.

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