First iPhone at auction, reached record figure

On eBay the prototype of the iPhone version 1.1.1 in a few hours reached 25 thousand dollars, but the device was estimated to be worth more than 60 thousand

A user on eBay has put up for sale one of the first iPhone prototypes. It is a fully functional version with touch screen that has reached on the famous buying and selling platform over 100 bids for a total of $ 36 thousand dollars and the figure continues to grow.

The first iPhone put on the market is the iPhone 2G, released in the United States on June 29, 2007. The version (called iPhone 1.1.1) put on sale on eBay instead is dated 2006. It is therefore one of the prototypes developed by Apple before the official release of the iPhone.  The iPhone 1.1.1 has a different battery and processor than the iPhone 2G version and is slightly heavier, with its 144 grams. But will it be real? On eBay everyone is convinced of yes for a detail: before announcing iPhone 2G Steve Jobs said that the phone would run with OS X, but then for production problems was not so. The 2006 prototype instead will run with OS X.

How is the iPhone 1.1.1

To see it, the 2006 iPhone prototype really looks like a product out of Cupertino. The shape is the classic shape of the first iPhones, with a physical Home button and two very accentuated bezels. The base bid proposed by the seller on eBay was $ 1,000, but in one night buyers have brought the auction to 25 thousand dollars. However, the seller expects to rake in a larger sum, according to the information released in the sale description the Apple prototype phone was estimated to be worth $61 thousand.

This is not the first time someone on eBay or other Internet technology forums has tried to sell old iPhone prototypes. Last year for example, we saw appear on the Net two unreleased iPhones that ran on the Acorn operating system, a sort of precursor to the current iOS. In short, if we have a few tens of thousands of euros to spend and our passion is the iPhone or electronic objects vintage and very rare, we just have to try to bid for the iPhone prototype 1.1.1 on eBay.