Fitbit Charge 5 ready for launch: what the new fitness band will look like

Fitbit Charge 5 has been at the center of a recent leak, which moreover would suggest the proximity of the launch. Here's what it might look like

Fitbit Charge 4 represented a major turning point for the American company's crowd-pleasing series of fitness trackers, which passed into the hands of Google in November 2019. The current Charge offered GPS for the first time while remaining smaller and therefore more comfortable than the other models with GPS in the range.

It is useful to remember that a fitness tracker with GPS comes in very handy especially for those who practice outdoor physical activities such as running. Without GPS, the gadget must necessarily track the route through that of the smartphone, which thus, moreover, can not be left at home or in the car. So many merits for the current Charge, but also some flaws (such as the monochrome display) that according to the latest rumors the company wants to solve with Fitbit Charge 5. The next generation that ended up at the center in recent hours of a major leak, according to which we can already admire what could be the design of the next fitness tracker from Fitbit.

The latest rumors about Fitbit Charge 5

It must be said right away that the "father" of the leak of information on the possible design of Fitbit Charge 5 is the well-known informant Evan Blass, and although it is considered by many quite reliable it still remains a leaker that, as such, may also have incorrect information. So be careful to take too seriously the rumors and therefore also the rumors about Fitbit Charge 5.

Duly stated, Fitbit Charge 5 could be equipped with a color display that does not seem to be too small and that would be the first ever intended for the Charge line of Fitbit. The hope of many is that it could be the same AMOLED screen used on Fitbit Luxe.

The stylistic layout seems to be the same adopted on Fitbit's recent products, with a metal "case" and soft colors, both for the case itself and for the straps. The renderings released by Blass show that the tracker should be available in three colors, namely black, green and gold, colors that could vary depending on the target market.

The display of the product shown by the renderings shows date, time, heart rate and a bar indicator for one of the supported activities, which for example could be the achievement of the daily goal on steps. It is true, however, that the tracker should have more than one watch face, so the one shown by the renders could leave time to find.

It is curious the presence of two glossy strips on both sides of the case, which could come in handy - it is a hypothesis - to navigate within the menus and user interface of Fitbit Charge 5. Furthermore, the renders show that the straps should be replaceable, and as well that the part that joins the case is flush with the display, which is an always appreciated style element.

Fitbit Charge 5, when it arrives

When Fitbit Charge 5 will arrive is still a mystery. Such detailed renders suggest that it's not far off. Some say in October, and this seems to be suggested by the date on the display of the render, which indicates October 23rd. But it is clear that the date at the moment remains a hypothesis, perhaps even risky.