Fitbit Ionic, the smartwatch for sports that monitors our health

The California company has made the first smartwatch and thanks to the use of the SpO2 sensor the Fitbit Ionic will be able to monitor our health and sleep

After years of success in the field of fitness trackers the company Fitbit has decided to launch the first smartwatch. We are talking about Fitbit Ionic, a smartwatch designed for sports activities and to constantly monitor the health of users. All this thanks to the new SpO2 sensor.

The sensor that we find on board the Fitbit Ionic allows the smartwatch to monitor different activities of our body. From heart rate to sleep apnea. The smartwatch from the California-based company also includes a GPS, which is useful for navigation during long workouts and for tracking the routes taken on the app. In addition, the first Fitbit smartwatch is water resistant and supports diving up to 50 meters deep. This means that it is the ideal technological companion for those who love long underwater excursions. But more generally, it can also be used for simple pool workouts.

Features Fitbit Ionic

As for features on board the Fitbit Ionic we find the function for contactless payments. While there will be no shortage of different applications, including those for playing music, including streaming, and a whole series of smart notifications for managing messages. Obviously, to manage all the information on workouts and the quality of our sleep just use the official Fitbit smartphone app. But you can also access the company's website, via account, and manage every aspect from the desktop version. The autonomy is 4 days on a single charge. But the battery life drops to 10 hours in case of music playback or active GPS. At the moment Fitbit Ionic is in pre-order on the portal of the US company and shipments will begin from October 2017. The cost of the smartwatch for Italy is 349.99 euros. In addition, in 2018 will be released a new version of the Fitbit Ionic with features made by Adidas and designed specifically for athletes.