Fitbit Premium, the subscription service that helps you lose weight

Fitbit Premium is a subscription service that provides tips on how to lose weight and how to workout. Available from September, but not in Italy

To lose weight, in addition to using technological devices that monitor our physical activity, we must also use the right applications. Fitbit, a company specializing in the field, has gone even further and presented a subscription service designed to improve the shape and health of users. It's called Fitbit Premium and it goes to absorb the previous smartphone app Fitbit Coach. The purpose is the same: to help users lose weight through physical activity.

announced alongside the new Versa 2 smartwatch, Fitbit Premium allows users to receive personalized suggestions on workouts, nutrition, sleep and lifestyle. Suggestions based on the user's physical characteristics (height, age, weight) and biometric data collected from Fitbit devices (the smart bands, smart watches and Aria 2 smart scale). Users will also receive challenges and personalized programs based on their preferences (I like running, I don't like walking...) that will also take into account any health issues.

Fitbit Premium: app for slimming

Fitbit Premium is the evolution of the already existing Fitbit Coach app, which offered for €43.99 per year an unlimited number of personalized video exercises and audio coaching sessions. What Coach didn't have, but what Premium will have, will be motivational programs and more personalization.

Personal Trainer subscription

The Fitbit Premium service is subscription-based. Those who already have a Fitbit account will be able to subscribe to it for $9.99 per month (or $79.99 per year, if they want to save money). Compared to the free basic account, the premium one will also offer more accurate and in-depth statistics and suggestions on thousands of exercises, so you can work out without ever getting bored. It's also possible to track sleep, read recipes and other useful content to stay fit. Fitbit also says that through its Premium service you'll not only be able to lose weight and put on muscle mass, but even keep diabetes at bay thanks to a one-on-one coaching program coming in 2020. Everything will be personalized according to your body: height, weight, body fat percentage. The only constraint, of course, is the use of Fitbit devices to collect biometric data. Fitbit Premium, therefore, will be a closed ecosystem.

Fitbit Premium: when it arrives in Italy

Fitbit Premium will arrive in September in 17 countries, among which there is no Italy. In Italy we will have to wait until the beginning of 2020 and it is not certain that all the promised functions will be integrated into the Italian version of the service. The Italian law, in fact, is very strict about who (and how) can give suggestions on physical training and diet.