Flippr: the ironing board to iron a shirt in two minutes. Photo

The ironing board designed by Sharkk on Kickstarter allows a 360° rotation of the garment, there are also clamps and inserts to keep clothes in place

The dead creases, the 101 ways to iron your shirt and the red-hot iron at the beginning of August. With the exception of certain categories of people, ironing evokes only bad memories for most. It takes time and effort, but luckily even the good old ironing board has become smart thanks to Flippr, a project realized on Kickstarter.

How Flippr works. The ironing board has undergone very few changes since its invention in 1892, and at first glance even Flippr does not present great peculiarities. Except for the coloring of a bright blue. Thanks to the 360° rotation of the axis, however, Flippr will make it very easy to iron even the most peculiar shirts. In addition, it has inserts to be applied to the sleeves in order to always have the fabrics in place. It also has clamps to hold your pants or other garments in place during ironing. It folds up for storage almost anywhere and thanks to the wheels is easy to transport.

A quick way to iron

(Taken from Kickstarter)

The strength of Flippr in addition to ease of use is the speed. The developers on Kickstarter assure that it will take no more than two minutes to iron any garment. According to them, using the smart ironing board you can save 80% of the weekly time spent on folding clothes. It has a washable cover and the feet are made of aluminum, as well as rotation allows eight different height levels for perfect ironing. Flippr won the Global Innovation award for excellence in design. At this point you may be wondering how much it costs. The ironing board costs $99, but shipping to Italy is not available.