Foldable IPhone: how it will be

Apple has filed a patent for a particular technology that will be present on the foldable iPhone. To see it we will have to wait a few more years

After Samsung and Huawei also Apple is moving to make a foldable smartphone. The next frontier in the world of telephony are precisely the flexible screens and major manufacturers are already moving to present as soon as possible a smartphone that folds. Samsung is already quite far ahead in the project and at CES 2019 in Las Vegas will present the Galaxy F (or Galaxy Xm on the name there are still many doubts), the first phone of the South Korean company with a flexible screen.

Also Huawei is far ahead in the project "foldable smartphone", so much so that the CEO of the company has announced that by 2019 or at most in 2020 they will launch their first flexible device. The only major company still missing from the roll call was Apple. At least so far. Dagli Stati Uniti arrivano le prime notizie sull’iPhone pieghevole che l’azienda di Cupertino dovrebbe lanciare nel giro di qualche anno. L’Ufficio Brevetti statunitense ha pubblicato una richiesta di Apple che riguarda i rivestimenti con pigmenti a scaglie necessari per il funzionamento dello schermo flessibile. Le immagini presenti nel brevetto permettono anche di avere un’idea su come sarà l’iPhone pieghevole.

Come sarà fatto l’iPhone flessibile

iphone-pieghevole-brevetto-300x200.jpgFonte foto: Web

Le immagini dell’iPhone pieghevole

Dal brevetto si evince che Apple sta lavorando su uno smartphone pieghevole molto simile al prototipo mostrato da Samsung. The device folds in half and becomes a kind of book, while when opened it has the same size as a tablet.

The patent presented by Apple concerns the flexing of the display: the special polymers patented by the Cupertino company should not make the screen spoil when it is folded on itself. This is the biggest challenge that manufacturers are facing: making a display that bends and at the same time does not get ruined.

Apple filed the patent in March 2018, but it has only now been published by the US Patent Office. This means that the Cupertino-based company has been working on the foldable iPhone for several years now and that the smartphone could see the light of day as early as 2020.