Foldable smartphones: coming Chinese models

Samsung is reportedly forging agreements with Chinese partners for the supply of foldable screens: 2021 will see 1 million to 2 million foldable smartphones arrive on the market.

Foldable smartphones are becoming increasingly popular in the telephony landscape. There are now several models available on which manufacturers have chosen to focus, offering interesting alternatives both in terms of design and functionality. The most famous names, however, are about to be joined by new Chinese models that could revolutionize the scene.

Samsung Galaxy Fold and Z Flip, Huawei Mate Xs, Motorola Razr 5G: these are the models that currently hold high the flag of "foldable" smartphones and the attention of consumers around this particular form factor. There is still a long way to go to consider them affordable phones, given the prices not really accessible to all pockets, but certainly models such as Samsung Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z Flip, Huawei Mate Xs and Moto Razr have become a tangible example of how it is possible to combine the top technical features with an innovative and attractive style. In the near future, however, some interesting news coming from China could give a shake to this slice of the market.

Foldable smartphones, the news from China

If Samsung, among the first to make foldable screens for its smartphones, has always aimed to integrate its foldable displays exclusively in its branded models, according to ETNews the trend is bound to change soon. The South Korean company has in fact signed an agreement with some Chinese companies, ensuring them a supply of 1 million foldable displays by 2021.

The magazine reports that Samsung has been working for some time on this type of partnership, so much so as to suggest that the launch of the first phone equipped with a Korean foldable display - but born under the Chinese flag - could arrive by the end of this year. It's more than two years ago, in fact, the news of the first screen models sent to Huawei but then, due to the US sanctions, the project had suffered a hard setback without ever materializing completely.

Foldable smartphones, where are the other producers?

In any case, it will be a race against time for Samsung, since it is not the only producer of foldable displays. In fact, in China there are two other manufacturers of this leading element, namely CSOT and BOE.

The latter has already been chosen in the past by two well-known brands of phones, namely Motorola and Huawei, respectively, for the Razr and Mate X models. Of course, it will be difficult to compete with Samsung, given the recent precedents: it will be a challenge to the last second - or to the last foldable screen - that, for sure, will keep fans of the sector with their eyes open.

But it's the figures that really count: to the million of foldable screens of Samsung we have to add those produced by other companies, so reaching 2 million foldable smartphones produced worldwide in 2021 is not impossible. A figure that starts to allow good economies of scale and, consequently, lower prices.