Foldable smartphones: Samsung vs Oppo, the challenge of 2021

The 2021 will be the good year: let's get ready to see more and more foldable smartphones, which will not all have the same design

The 2021 could be the year of foldable smartphones. At the forefront and ready to challenge there are two manufacturers, Samsung and Oppo, already armed to the teeth with new models, ready or still in development, from the foldable format completely foldable. What can we expect next year? Here's the answer.

Before talking about the future of foldable smartphone models, it's only fair to know a little about the recent history of this particular format. Samsung has been among the pioneers of foldable phones: back in 2013 it had presented several designs, codenamed Youm, among which stood out a model capable of folding on itself and forming a single screen once opened. The progenitor was the Galaxy Note Edge, the 2014 phablet with the outer edge of the screen slightly arched, so as to accommodate some quick controls. For Oppo, however, the debut is yet to come. In the force since 2016, it has so far presented only one prototype although from a technology perspective it has all the credentials to launch its first foldable as early as 2021.

Samsung, smartphones the Korean way

By 2021, Samsung should have as many as three new foldable smartphones ready. In fact, four models. To give the update on the number of foldable device was ET News, a source compatriot of the manufacturer that would specify how, in addition to the two new versions of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 (Z Fold 3 and Z Fold Lite, specifically) and one of the Galaxy Z Flip 2, there would be another inherent in the Flip model, ready to see the light during the next year.

Although there are, according to ET News, major differences in terms of design, the real news would be sought among the features and performance of the new devices. Among those most quoted, at least for the moment, there would be the integration of 5G connectivity, now a trend among the new mid-range and high-end smartphones offered on the market.

On the timing of release of the new Galaxy Z Flip 2 and Galaxy Z Fold 3, however, there would still be no great information about it. We'll probably have to wait several more months, probably not before the second half of next year and certainly not at the same time as the launch of the Galaxy S21 series. Even longer seem to be the times of the first roll-up phone from Samsung, among the plans of the manufacturer but not for 2021.

OPPO, the foldable smartphones at the Chinese house

In the OPPO house, in addition to the roll-up phone that instead could debut shortly after the presentation as OPPO X 2021 Concept Smartphone, it's time for new ideas. It is in fact only a few days ago the first video released on the network that shows what could be the first "slide-phone", or a cell phone from the extremely minimal format, able to fold on itself in different sections for each type of use.