Foldimate, the smart closet that folds laundry in 10 seconds

Foldimate is a robot capable of folding about 40 garments in about 4 minutes. It's about the size of a washing machine and costs about $900

It made its debut last year at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017 and this year Sunnyvale, the company that produces it, decided to present it again to announce the landing of the device in Europe as well. What are we talking about? Of FoldiMate, a robot that folds clothes, pants and dresses.

His debut at CES 2017 made a lot of buzz and allowed the company to collect as many as 8,000 reservations within a few hours. But how does FoldiMate work? Very simple. The dimensions are more or less those of a washing machine. At the top there is a sort of ribbon on which to place the clothes to be folded, FoldiMate recognizes them and brings them into the machine. In a few minutes the clothes will come out folded from the door at the bottom of the folder. For the time being, the device can only fold the clothes and not iron them.

Less time to spend on laundry

FoldiMate saves a lot of time that is wasted daily folding clothes. Sunnyvale assures that the robot is capable of folding between 20 and 40 garments within 4 minutes. Unfortunately, for the moment FoldiMate can't fold all the garments placed inside the robot: it has a great feeling with shirts, towels, pants, pillowcases and t-shirts, but has a big problem with hoodies, underwear (too small), socks and baby clothes. But the next versions of the robot will try to solve this problem as well. The dimensions are quite small: 125cm in height, 60cm in width and 70cm in depth. More or less the same size as a washing machine.

Price and availability FoldiMate

At CES 2018, the company announced that the first FoldiMate models will be shipped in the last quarter of 2019. The list price is $980, but will vary depending on shipping prices. Sunnyvale also announced a partnership for the European market with BSH, the company that makes the appliances in Europe for Bosch and Siemens.

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