Football Manager 2020: when it comes out and how to pre-order

The world's most popular soccer manager is back. Football Manager 2020 will be available from November 19 and can be purchased with a discount

The 2020 version of Football Manager arrives, with many new features. And you won't have to wait long before trying them out: the latest edition of the soccer manager developed by Sports Interactive and published by Sega will arrive on November 19, 2019, but you can already pre-order it in Sega's partner stores.

Among the many new features of Football Manager 2020 there's also a version for Google Stadia, Google's new streaming gaming platform. There will also be a Touch version, for Steam iOS and Android, and a Mobile version for iOS and Android. All these versions will be released at the same time, except for the version of Football Manager Touch for Nintendo Switch and the one for Stadia, which will arrive shortly after (the date has not yet been made official). The main changes concern both the management of the club as a whole and that of individual players (with a special focus on the growth of young people).

Football Manager 2020: what's new

The most obvious new feature of Football Manager 2020 is the "Development Centre", a real talent development center for young players. A sort of "hub" from which we'll be able to see an overview of the young players in our club and read advice for each of them.

The "Club Vision", on the other hand, allows us to take a general look at the health of our club, with reference not only to the current season but also with a view to achieving multi-year goals. It is now possible to establish in advance, when purchasing a player, his playing time in the current and future seasons. This allows you to set a path of growth of younger players, as well as to enhance the value of a player who later we want to sell.

In Football Manager 2020 also improves the graphics, with new models of players, much more realistic than in the past. There are also new roles within the team, with the addition of the Head of Player Development and the Technical Director.

Football Manager 2020: how to pre-order

On November 19, Football Manager 2020 will be available in physical and digital versions. It is already possible to pre-order it with a 10% discount by going to Sega's partner stores ( There will also soon be a list of physical retailers where you can pre-order your copy of Football Manager 2020 at the same 10% discount.