Fortnite, $1 million for Christmas Tournament

The Winter Royale, Fortnite's Christmas Tournament, kicks off in Europe and North America, with $1 million up for grabs for the winning gamer

It would be nice to win a million dollars for Christmas. A gift that no one would refuse. If you are not very convinced about the aim of luck towards you and you are a skilled video game player you could always try to win the Fortnite Christmas Tournament.

The famous survival video game made by the developer Epic Games is in fact putting up a prize of 1 million dollars for the gamer who will win the 2018 Christmas Tournament. The Winter Royal of Fortnite is the tournament that anticipates the Christmas holidays and is open to all, without discrimination between levels of the various players of the video game that has become a real worldwide trend in recent times. The Fortnite tournament that puts a million dollars up for grabs is starting in these hours for players from North America and Europe. The respective tournaments, divided by the region of origin of the gamer, will be divided into two phases: between November 24 and 25 the qualifiers will take place, while the finals will be held on November 30 in Europe and December 11 in North America.

The new Fortnite World Tournaments

The Winter Royale 2018 will represent a turning point in the tournaments organized by Epic Games on Fortnite. From this Christmas Tournament in Europe and North America will then be born a whole other series of international events with lots of money up for grabs that will be played throughout the year in different parts of the world. The meaning of these various tournaments? Simple, on an annual basis Epic Games is going to make the World Cup Fortnite, basically a challenge between the best players ever in the video game from around the world. The event is announced already among the most followed the entire landscape of video games and whoever wins the World Cup Fortnite will take home not one but several million dollars. The Fortnite World Cup is a candidate to be one of the world competitions with greater attendance in the world of e-Sports. To win you'll only have to do one thing: stay the last one alive in the entire Fortnite map. It won't be easy, but if you trust your skills as a gamer, sharpen your weapons and get ready for a millionaire battle with consoles, computers or even smartphones.