Fortnite 2, the Halloween event starts: all the challenges and news

Fortnite 2 launches Fortnitemares, the event dedicated to Halloween 2019. Many new features, starting with the presence of the undead in the game map

It was only a matter of time. As also happened last year at the same time, Fortnite completely changes its face (just for a few days. The video game celebrates the Halloween holiday by launching the "Halloween Fortnitemares" event, the event dedicated to the festival of the living dead.

The game map has been totally turned upside down to celebrate Halloween. From October 29 until November 4, on Fortnite 2 players will find hordes of undead ready to attack them and make the video game even more complicated. For the occasion Epic Games has also included a new game mode: you have to face hordes of zombies and by killing them all you receive in return valuable items and experience points useful to continue your adventure. Logically, in the Fortnite store have been added skins, items and emote themed Halloween that can be purchased with your V-Bucks.

Fortnite 2: Fortnitemares, the Halloween event

This year, as in the past, the Fortnite map will be ploughed by hordes of undead, but this time the undead will be born in a very specific area, in the Storm Island. Not just zombies. Fortnitemares will also provide players with a new game mode. It is a team battle where gamers will have to ally themselves to fight and try to defeat the ravenous hordes of the undead together. This new mode will allow players to get a number of juicy rewards in return, including exclusive items and experience points.

Fortnite 2: Halloween-themed challenges

The new Halloween-themed Battle Royale challenges are varied and challenging. Players will have to find chests hidden in a haunted forest, a ghost town and a horror farm, it will be up to gamers to identify these locations and start searching. Another mission involves destroying the furnishings of a cursed castle, a task to be completed with only 5 minutes to spare. Finally, there are also easier challenges such as the one dedicated to the Storm King.

Fortnite 2: Unsolved Bugs

While Forntite players have already started to try their hand at the new version of Fortnite dedicated to the Halloween holiday, there are many who hope that two bugs recently discovered by the same players will be solved as soon as possible. We speak of the glitch related to the Pantanus Palpitating that would make players immortal nullifying the damage related to a fall and the anomaly linked to the new object "mythological", the Mythic Goldfish a goldfish that, after being caught in the waterways, can be launched to inflict heavy damage to opponents. For now Epic Games has not yet released any statements on the subject, perhaps the developers were too busy completing the new game map themed Halloween?