Fortnite, 200 thousand euros of gain to 14 years: this is who is Griffin Spiko

He lives in Long Island and plays live eight hours a day during the week. On weekends he reaches 18 hours a day

The great success of Fortnite has brought in the pockets of some professional players good money. Among all stands out the name of Ninja, one of the most famous streamers of Battle Royale, which has built on the game his career and, above all, his fortune. And speaking of earnings related to the title signed Epic Games, emerges another name in the list of 'rich' progamer: it is that of Griffin Spikoski.

Griffin, better known as "Sceptic", is only 14 years old, lives on Long Island (New York) and is a boy who, like many, loves playing video games. With a 'small difference': he earns about 200 thousand dollars a year doing Fortnite streams on YouTube and Twitch. A success arrived last summer, when the boy has uploaded on the social tube a video that portrayed him defeating in Fortnite a professional eSport player, Tfue. The video quickly went viral, reaching 7.5 million views and decreeing the beginning of Griffin's career.

Since then came the first earnings from YouTube ads and Twich Prime subscriptions. Today he has 1.2 million subscribers on the channel and 1.8 million views on Twich. These successes have led him to sign a business deal with Misfit Gaming and to the high amount of money he makes each year.

It's a real job for Griffin, who plays live for around eight hours a day during the week and eighteen hours a day at the weekend. The expo career 'forced' him to drop out of high school (he now takes online classes) because, as his parents explained, "he was having trouble every day he was there, both because people in class wanted his attention and because he felt like he always had to be Sceptic at school."

What's a 14-year-old doing with all that money? Griffin said in an interview with WABC-TV that he wants to set aside all the proceeds, "If this doesn't continue, I can use it for college, a house, whatever." Meanwhile, Mom and Dad, just in case, have paired him with an accountant and a lawyer to help him manage the money.