Fortnite, a bug of cars ruins the game: what happens

Some users report the presence of a rather annoying bug that affects cars and makes you die immediately

The introduction of cars seems to have revived a bit 'the gameplay of Fortnite, which with the last season has gone gradually getting worse. Players are still getting familiar with the four vehicles added by Epic Games, but already there are the first bugs that are creating more than a few problems. In recent days we have talked about the glitch that allows vehicles to take flight and now users have reported another.

Bumping against some stationary objects on the map, such as a lamppost, can happen to die directly, without the car suffering any damage. It is clear that this is a bug rather annoying, especially because it happens in the middle of a battle royal and you see disappear in an instant all the effort accumulated to get alive to that point. It is not the first time that is reported a bug of this type on Fortnite and the developers have always been very willing to fix them as soon as possible. It will surely be the case here as well.

Fortnite, a bug makes you die while driving cars

A video posted on Reddit shows a new bug that has been affecting Fortnite since cars were introduced. The new four vehicles can be used to scamper up and down the map, you just need to have enough gas, otherwise the risk is to get stuck.

The movie is very clear and shows what happens with the bug: if while you are driving you hit some stationary objects on the map you die instantly. The vehicle is not damaged, but the player's game ends because he is killed. A very annoying and irritating bug that does nothing but worsen the gameplay of the Battle Royale that in recent months is suffering a bit 'the arrival of new titles, such as Call of Duty: Warzone.

The hope is that the developers are put to work immediately to solve the problems.