Fortnite, “A complete failure”: the harsh words of former player xQc

The streamer has seen his career interrupted precisely because of his inappropriate comments, often offensive

Fortnite once again the target of criticism from someone. The Battle Royale, in fact, is often the focus of controversy or statements 'strong' especially by streamers and players of the community. Remember, not long ago, the words of Ninja, the streamer on the game of Epic Games has founded his career? Even the guy predicted the 'death' of the title.

This time to decree the "complete failure" of Fortnite is the former player xQc, who saw stop abruptly (and especially very soon) his career just for his inappropriate comments, in some cases even offensive. The former eSporter has decided to give himself to streaming, of course dedicating himself mainly to Battle Royale. "It's ugly, it has no substance, there is no way to make it interesting. The broadcast is boring and their overview is crap" - he said about the game.

The controversy of the streamer did not stop, indeed. The guy explained that Fortnite, despite a few good moments, is now "unbearable", both to watch and to play. "The combination of competitive gaming with a casual environment is horrifying. As an eSport is unbearable, a real failure" - added the young man.

In short, it seems that for Fortnite, according to xQc, there is really nothing to do. A disaster across the board. And you, do you think like him?