Fortnite, all the news of the update 8.50

The patch 8.50 of Fortnite has arrived: the main novelty is the crossover between the famous game of Epic Games and Avengers: Endgame.

After a long and anxious wait, on April 25 has finally arrived the patch 8.50 of Fortnite (here we talked about the anticipation of the update), the famous game of Epic Games.

As fans already suspected, along with the update, came the main novelty: the crossover between Fortnite and Avengers: Endgame. The Endgame Time Mode will allow you to step into the shoes of the Chitauri and Thanos and compete for the Infinity Gems. Alternatively, you can also wield the Avengers' items.

The Endgame Time Mode will allow you to indulge yourself, but that's not the only new feature introduced by the update. As announced by the same Epic Games, in fact, with the patch 8.50 have been corrected several bugs, reported by the same users. Among the main errors, a problem that slowed down players during skydiving and during the final stages of the game has been fixed. Other new features include Creative Mode (now you can add more rounds and use Phase Mode, which allows you to enable or disable collisions with objects and the game world) and Save the World, where new characters have been introduced (Cottontail Hawkeye and Penny Bunny) and the new weapon, the Bowling Launcher.