Fortnite, beware of scams: message from Epic Games

Some players are using the Support a Creator mode to scam users. Here's what's going on and how to defend yourself

Beware of scammers on Fortnite. The announcement comes directly from Epic Games, which on the official website of the game has published a note in which it warns players of some scam attempts that are hitting Fornite. In the eye of the storm is over the mode "Support a creator" that allows you to donate money to their favorite players to support them in their initiatives. Usually, those who are part of the "Support a Creator" program produce exclusive content that they sponsor on their social accounts.

Each creator can create codes associated with the campaign and get money to continue their business. Unfortunately, some players are taking advantage of this mode by scamming users. In what way? Promising, in exchange for money, to get special costumes or free V-bucks (the currency used in the videogame to buy items in the store). Players who use these codes do not get anything in return and, indeed, are literally scammed.

Fortnite, scams with the mode Support a creator: what happens

The message published by Epic Games is quite clear about it. "We know that several creators have made content designed to scam players, and we're taking action to have those creators removed from the ecosystem and to prevent similar scams in the future. Typically, these individuals create social media content in which they promise fake special benefits to players if they use a specific code Supports a creator. Another common scam are Creative Mode islands that promise player rewards, such as free V-buck cards. Players who use these codes never receive the special benefits that the creators have promised."

Support a Creator mode was born with good intentions, but as is often the case with these cases, there are always people who try to take advantage of it. Some players are promising donors items as gifts, which is not the case in this mode. It's a scam in the making.

How to protect yourself from scams on Fortnite

The Epic Games team is trying to counteract this annoying phenomenon as much as possible. In the future, the Support a Creator mode will be completely overhauled to protect both users and honest creators who are harmed by these behaviors.

In addition to eliminating those who are guilty of this rather annoying behavior, Epic Games is also thinking about legal actions. But that's not all: code changes for creators will no longer be allowed in the future and you will need to add verified social accounts to your profile.

How to report cheaters on Fortnite

There are several methods to report cheaters on Fornite. You can send a player support ticket by adding the hashtag #reportcreator in the message text. It is advisable to add an image or video of the scam attempt in the ticket.