Fortnite, cancelled all tournaments due to video game issues

Epic Games has halted all tournaments related to the Fortnite World Cup. Too many performance issues related to the video game

Bad news for all Fortnite fans. Epic games has announced that the tournaments of the famous video game that provide large cash prizes will not take place until all the technical problems that plague the video game are fixed. The communication was spread with a tweet published by the profile "Fortnite Competitive".

What does this blockade imposed directly by Epic Games? For the moment, all preparatory activities related to the next World Cup are postponed to a date to be determined, including the qualifying events that were to start in this period. Last year, in fact, Epic Games had organized the first Fortnite World Cup in New York in July, after playing  ten qualifying tournaments. Fortnite is going through a period of great changes, starting with the start of Season 2 Chapter 2 that brought with it many new features in gameplay to the introduction of the Chaos graphics engine.

Why Fortnite stopped tournaments

Fortnite's performance problems could have two causes: the novelties of Season 2 Chapter 2 and the new Chaos Unreal Engine graphics engine. To avoid discussions of any kind, Epic Games has preferred for the moment to postpone until a later date all events related to the 2020 World Cup. Expected for this summer, this is the tournament in "real time" most important of the year dedicated to Fortnite. At the 2019 edition, the final prize pool was more than $30 million.

Among the various problems encountered is the presence in one or more areas of the game of armed and coordinated NPCs that are giving a hard time to users of the game around the world. The switch to the new Unreal Engine's Chaos graphics engine has also been a game changer. Apparently, the developers are working to fix bugs and errors that came out during the transition to the new and long-awaited graphics engine.


Many have thought that the global outbreak of Coronavirus could be the real cause of the cancellation of the Fortnite World Championship. It would not be a novelty, after all it has already happened for other global events such as the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona or the Facebook F8 developers' conference.

Something that could also do Epic Games, which is to give up the physical event and carry out a completely online, as is already the case for the qualifications for the World Championship Fortnite. We'll see, we'll keep you updated. Meanwhile, all the most famous streamers, from Tyler "Ninja" Blevins up to the world champion of Fortnite "Bugha" Giersdorf have reacted quite positively to the announcement of Epic Games published on Twitter. If they are calm, then we all are.