Fortnite, cars can fly, but a glitch is to blame

Many users have reported the presence of a glitch in Fornite that allows cars to take flight

Cars on Fortnite have taken flight. Literally. We're not referring to the fact that four new drivable vehicles were added with the update released on August 5, but to the fact that cars on Fortnite are able to take flight and be driven as if they were airplanes. This is due to a glitch discovered almost by accident by players who have seen fit to post some footage online.

What may seem like a clever gimmick, is actually a pretty serious problem. The reason is quite simple: anyone can exploit it to get a considerable advantage in the video game and win quite easily. In fact, standing on high you can control the movements of enemies and warn your teammates. This is not the first time that a glitch of this type has been discovered on Fortnite, and the developers have always been very quick to fix it. Even in this case there is a need for the utmost urgency, otherwise the gameplay of the game may be compromised for the next few days.

Fortnite, cars can fly: here's how to do it

An absurd glitch allows the four vehicles added on Fortnite to fly. It takes very little to activate this trick to take flight and become impregnable. How to activate the gltich that allows cars to fly? Very simple: first you have to go to the west side of Corso Commerce. The first thing you need to do is to destroy all the wood in the back load and put a gas can in its place. At this point you just have to enter the truck, accelerate and magically the vehicle takes off, just as if it were a helicopter. The bug, however, does not end there: while you are in flight is not even consumed fuel, which makes the vehicle usable indefinitely.

We do not know how long you can use this bug, but it is almost certain that Epic Games will run very soon to the remedy with a corrective patch.