Fortnite, cars have arrived: here are the available models

Cars have officially arrived on Fortnite: four models available. Here are what they are and their characteristics

After much anticipation cars have arrived on Fornite. With the update to version 13.40, four new vehicles have been added in the video game that can be used to escape from enemies or to shoot them while driving. We still don't know the characteristics of the four cars very well, but we know their names: Islander Prevalent (a hatchback), Victory Motors Whiplash (a very fast two-seater car), OG Bear (a two-seater van) and Titan Mudflap, a very slow truck, but capable of destroying everything in its path.

The day chosen for the release of Forntite's update Al Volante! (already the name is explanatory) is not accidental: today, August 5, in fact, was also released the Season 5 of Call of Duty: Warzone that brings many new features in the Battle Royale that is putting in big trouble the game of Epic Games. And the arrival of vehicles (one of the features that distinguishes Warzone since the lacio) is Fortnite's answer to return to attract new players. 

Fornite, Al Volante update: four cars arrive

With the lowering of the water level and the changes to the map that led to the emergence of new roads, it was natural the arrival of vehicles on Fortnite. The most anticipated new feature of Chapter 2 Season 3 has finally made its debut with update 13.40. There are a total of four vehicles that differ in endurance, speed and fuel consumption.

The added vehicles are: Islander Prevalent, Victory Motors Whiplash, OG Bear and Titan Mudflap. The vehicles are scattered around the map and have a very unique feature: they have a gas tank that empties based on the miles driven. There are also gas stations around the map, but if you run out of gas you can use the tanks that are scattered along the map. The jerrycans can then be refilled at the gas station.

The features, fuel consumption and durability of Fortnite's four new vehicles have not yet been revealed, but you can find out for yourself by downloading the 13.40 update and starting to play. Arm yourself with a driver's license and go frolicking around the Fortnite Battle Royale map.