Fortnite champion banned for life: here’s why

The gamer, who is also well known on YouTube, posted a video in which he uses an aimbot, a practice banned on Fortnite. Here's what's happening

Jarvis "Jarvis" Kaye, Fortnite champion belonging to the e-Sport FaZe Clan team has been banned for life from the video game. In recent days in the forums and communities of Fortnite is not talking about anything else: the player was caught using an aimbot, a robot that helps the user to automatically take aim and kill opponents quickly.

The network has mobilized to resize the punishment inflicted by Epic Games to the player: on Twitter the hashtag #freejarvis became immediately trending topic, but the software house was adamant: those who use aimbot or any kind of help to cheat other players must be punished immediately with a permanent ban. Jarvis has also published online a video apology explaining what happened and at his side Ninja, one of the most popular Fortnite players, has also come down, but it was no use: the Fortnite champion will no longer be able to access the video game.

Why Fortnite has banned Jarvis for life

Let's get some clarity and understand why Jarvis has been banned for life from Fortnite. The guy posted a video on his YouTube channel in which he uses his Fortnite secondary account and shows how to use an aimbot in Solo and Playground modes. Epic Games saw this and banned him permanently. In a video posted on his channel Jarvis explained what happened: the movie was shot just to show users something that was funny, without thinking about what could happen. The permanent ban from Fortnite was like a lightning bolt in a clear sky.

In support of Jarvis has mobilized the entire network, but the messages on Twitter and videos of players have not helped at all: Epic Games is firm on its decisions and will not change its mind. A spokesperson from the software house explained that "When players use aimbots or cheats of any kind to gain an unfair advantage, they ruin games for people who play fairly" and for this reason it is not possible to change the sanction.

Jarvis will not be able to create any other account as his IP has been tracked by Epic Games and has been blocked. Now for the Fortnite stalwart player a new phase of his life opens up. We will see what he will decide to do in the future