Fortnite, coming soon Panini trading cards and collectible cards

Epic Games and Panini enter into an agreement to create trading cards and collectible cards.

The Fortnite phenomenon is so widespread that even Panini has decided to invest in the famous Epic Games video game (a bit of a downturn at the beginning of 2019, to tell the truth) and to make the famous figurines.

Yes, just as happens with footballers and cartoons, it will soon be possible to collect trading cards and images with characters from the world of Fortnite. The announcement was made by the group's licensing director, Peter Warsop. The agreement between Panini and Epic Games will see the release of swappable materials by next spring, including not only game characters, pirates and adventurers, but also environments and weapons.

"Fortnite collectibles - said Warsop - represent a great opportunity, both for active players around the world and for traditional Panini collectibles, since their profile is similar. We are honored to have been chosen to collaborate on such a high-profile franchise." Ready to roll up your sleeves and start collecting?