Fortnite could add an Apex Legends mechanic: the details

The introduction of this system could totally upset the balance of the game. What will happen?

While waiting for Fortnite Season 8, we want to tell you about a novelty that could be very interesting. As many of you know, recently was launched on the market Apex Legends, a project of Respawn Entertainment. It is a Battle Royale set in the world of the futuristic saga of Titanfall, which is having a lot of success, so as to give a hard time even to the title signed Epic Games.

The competition is hard, despite Fortnite is a game in constant evolution: thanks to its updates, in fact, manages to amaze users, who are always involved in new challenges, with a map that is constantly changing every new season. Now, however, with this new opponent, the developers may decide to make a few more 'changes'. What makes us think so?

As always, the clues come from a user who, on Reddit, asked if in the future will be included in Fortnite the character resurrection mechanic (an element that at this time belongs exclusively to Apex Legends). Epic Games replied that it is already considering this possibility for some time,  but that still does not know what the effect it would have on the title. Yes, because the introduction of this system could totally upset the balance of the game.

Who knows maybe it will be just the Season 8 to see the introduction of this new mechanic. Or a special mode will be created. We still don't know what will happen, as always we just have to wait.

Would you be happy with it?