Fortnite, don’t do these actions: you risk losing your account

Fortnite has decided to change the rules on "collusion": players caught in the act will be immediately removed from the game

Tough times for Fornite players. Epic Games has published on January 20 new rules to put a brake on the many irregular activities that are seen in every Battle Royale challenge. There are more and more users who are accused of "collusion", ie to collaborate during a game. This practice is prohibited by the rules of Fortnite, especially in the challenges "all against all".

To avoid distorting the challenges, Epic Games has tried to make clearer the actions that are prohibited during a race. Players cannot communicate with opponents or even agree on what to do, where to land and which enemy to attack. In recent years, gamers have developed signals to agree and to have an advantage over their opponents: in 2020 these practices are absolutely forbidden and those who try to cheat will face rather heavy penalties. Epic Games, in fact, has decided that players caught in the act will be immediately kicked out of Fornite and their account will be banned. Here's what Fortnite's new rules predict for 2020.

Fornite, new rules in 2020: what changes

New year, new rules. Epic Games has tightened the penalties for those who cheat within the video game. After the "Jarvis case", the Fornite champion banned for life because of a carelessness made with his second account, the software house has decided to declare war on all those who use illegal practices to win. To end up in the dock are the gamers who so far have exploited the "collusion" to win. What is it? In parole semplice, mettersi d’accordo con un altro giocatore e avere un vantaggio sugli avversari. Quali sono questa azioni?

  • Oscillazione del piccone
  • Emoting
  • Saltare

Azioni che possono sembrare casuali, ma che in realtà nascondono una sorta di linguaggio segreto che permette agli utenti di prendere accordi sottobanco.

La reazione dei giocatori

I gamer non hanno accolto positivamente i cambi al regolamento voluti da Epic Games. Secondo alcuni potrebbero essere fraintesi e portare la software house al ban dell’account. La software house ha voluto rassicurare la propria fanbase e ha dichiarato che ogni singolo provvedimento verrà preso dopo un’attenta analisi.