Fortnite, Epic Games launches contest for MAT Creators

There is time until April 9 to send applications: Epic Games is looking for MAT Creators for Fortnite that propose their creations to all players.

On the official website of Epic Games has been launched a new competition, which will be open to players around the world. The famous video game manufacturer is looking for MAT Creators for Fortnite: for the first time in the history of the game, there will be a MAT designed by the players themselves with the tools provided.

"When we imagined the Creative Mode, we were excited to allow creators to imagine their own games and then offer them as a timed mode. - said Director of Creative Development Zak Phelps, as quoted on the Epic Games website - Introduced with Season 7, the Neighborhood was the first step in that direction and paved the way for sharing player creations. Season 8 opens that path to all groups and players, allowing you to participate in your experiences, created by you and for you. Our tools are available to you, the only limit is your imagination and ability to use them. We look forward to playing your creations along with the entire Fortnite community."

The winner will be entered into the Support a Creator program, so they can also receive advice and support from other players in the Community. On the site you can find all the guidelines. Nominations can be submitted until 5:59 a.m. on April 9.