Fortnite free from 2019: how to play it

Epic Games has delayed to early 2019 the release of the new campaign Save the World, but when it arrives Fortnite's mode will be completely free

Save the World mode, will be disappointed. Epic Games, the software house that made the cult video game of 2018, has in fact announced that it has postponed the release of the new mode until next year, probably in the spring. But there is no need to despair: the reasons that led to postpone the launch of Fortnite Save the World to 2019 will tear you more than a smile.

Epic Games, in fact, added that the new game mode will be totally free. For Fortnite will be like stepping back in time, the most loyal gamers to the video game, the fans of the first hour, will remember, in fact, that Save the World was the very first mission playable within the survival title developed by Epic Games. The problem is that this mode was from the beginning only available for a fee and was soon overshadowed by the variant free Battle Royale (the all against all and team battles to understand), which in fact made Fortnite famous worldwide.

Why Fortnite Save the World will be released in 2019

The delay of the launch is due precisely to the choice to let people play Fortnite for free: Epic Games expects that the new game mode can draw the attentions of millions and millions of gamers and, to avoid problems of any kind, is making an additional series of tests that will allow it to release a title without bugs and that, above all, does not cause problems to the game servers.

Epic Games had already announced some time ago that it would make Fortnite Save the World free download, so much so that many users had predicted a launch in the last months of 2018, in conjunction with the release of the new version of the video game. As already pointed out, however, after a series of tests Epic Games decided that its current servers would never have withstood the impact of a new free mode. In recent weeks, thanks to the official launch on Android smartphones, the number of gamers has grown further, further burdening the workload of the servers of the software house.

How to play the free mode Save the World on Fortnite

But how will you play the Save the World mode? The gameplay won't change at all. Everything will remain identical to before, with the difference that we will find skins, items, weapons and rewards different than before. Once inside the game we'll be able to decide whether to challenge others or save the world from the hordes of alien invaders that will try to kill us. The new free Save the World mode will allow Fortnite to continue being one of the most interesting video games in 2019.