Fortnite, gas stations added: cars coming soon

The arrival of cars on Fornite is getting closer and closer: with the update to version 13.30 gas stations have been added

For Epic Games, the vacations are already over and the first thought was the release of a major update for Fortnite. With version 13.30, improvements and updates have been brought to every game mode, but the most important ones concern Battle Royal. Let's start with cars, the item that Fortnite players have been waiting for more than any other.

In fact, some vehicles are already present on the game map, but they only serve to recover metal resources. With the update to version 13.30, however, even these cars have disappeared and nothing has been added in their place. The cars were announced at the beginning of the new season by Epic Games, putting them inside the launch trailer. But at the moment they still haven't arrived and it's been more than a month since the release of Season 3 Chapter 2. A delay that can be expected, given the summer period, but many players are beginning to complain about this continuous delay by the software house in releasing new features for the game.

When cars arrive in Fortnite

As anticipated in previous weeks, the models of cars that will be available in Fortnite will be four. They will differ in size, speed and resistance to enemy blows. But they will also have another feature: the amount of gasoline. Once you run out of gas, you'll have to leave your car and continue on foot, or find another vehicle.

To overcome this, with the 13.30 update of Fortnite have been added service stations to fill up your car. An element that, in addition to anticipating the arrival of cars, will allow to change a bit 'the gameplay of the game, which has become too slow with the last updates.

Very likely that cars will be released already in the coming weeks, in the first weeks of August, in order to accompany the game towards the conclusion of Season 3 and start the best Season 4 of Chapter 2.