Fortnite has been sucked into a black hole: what happened

A black hole has sucked up Fortnite Island and players are waiting for Chapter 2 to begin. Here's what's happening

This was supposed to be the event that ended Fortnite Season 10 and started Chapter 2. In reality, it has turned into a real nightmare for fans of the video game. From 20:00 on October 13 Fortnite is down and on social pages appeared a live video that takes a black hole. Black hole that was formed at the end of the event "The End" that was supposed to end the Season 10 and actually put up to the first era of Fortnite.

Millions of players were online last night for the last challenge of Fortnite Season 10. All have witnessed the show staged by the developers of Epic Games. As happened with the final challenge of Season 4, rockets appeared fired into the air. Only this time they led to the destruction of the island (the setting of Battle Royale) and the formation of a black hole, which has become the icon of this new phase of Fortnite.

How the Fortnite black hole was formed

A final challenge artfully created to say goodbye to the first chapter of Fortnite and start Chapter 2 of the video game. In "The End" challenge Epic Games created an event that said goodbye to the first phase of the title that led to the destruction of the island that in recent years has allowed Fortnite to become the most played video game in the World. The black hole has sucked everything: island, players, weapons and buildings and since 20:00 on October 13 is the protagonist of a live video that has captured the attention of millions of players (and also led to the slowdown of the Internet).

Fortnite's Twitter channel was stormed by players looking for an answer to the fact that the video game was offline, and the same happened with the black hole video live on YouTube and Twitch.

Fortnite Chapter 2: Strange numbers appear during the live

Many players have reported the presence of strange numbers during the black hole live. Random numbers appear to which no one can give an explanation: 146, then 11, then 82, 62, 15. In these hours we read the theories and conjectures strangest, but until Epic Games does not explain what these numbers mean, it is only hypothesis.

When will Fortnite Season 11 Chapter 2

In these hours many users wonder when it will begin Chapter 2 of Fortnite. The answer, probably, will not make them happy. According to some users who have analyzed the source code of the video game, Chapter 2 will start at 12:00 on October 15. So we'll have to wait another day to find out all the news about Fortnite. In the hope that there are no new technical problems.