Fortnite, how to enable autopilot in helicopters

There is a bug on Fortnite that allows you to automatically pilot helicopters and attack enemies from above. Here's how it works

The latest Fortnite Season 2 Chapter 2 update introduced helicopters as a new mode of transportation. Called "Choppa", these helicopters are used to move around the island's territory and are well hidden so finding them is not very easy. Theoretically, these are simple means of transport, without any weapon with which to fire on enemies, but in recent hours some users have discovered a bug that allows helicopters to turn into real weapons of war.

On Reddit, U.S. platform widely used by gamers and geeks,  was published a video that shows how to shoot while on board a helicopter. It is a bug, an error in the code of Fortnite, so much so that it has already been dubbed the "helicopter bug". In what does it consist? It's a trick that, it seems, can be used both in the single game mode and in pairs or teams.

Fortnite: how the helicopter bug works

This glitch in the code allows you to activate the autopilot on Fortnite's helicopters. It doesn't sound like a big deal, but, as all players know, helicopters that have just been introduced in the game can't shoot because they are not equipped with weapons. The autopilot is of great importance because it allows the player to move in the sky with agility and speed, while continuing to take out enemies without worrying about driving the vehicle. +

A very useful bug that "replaces" a possible partner to whom the task of piloting the helicopter should be assigned. To activate the "helicopter bug" you need to have proximity mines. In fact, before taking flight, the player must throw a mine over the aircraft, after which, once the helicopter takes off, it will follow a linear path as if by magic. The advice is to hurry up and use this useful bug to get ahead in the game before a new patch made by the developers of Epic Games correct it forever.

Fortnite: where are the helicopters

The availability of new helicopters used only for personal transport is quite limited. Most of them belong to the Agency and Agents, so some of them will always be available at the Well, the Cave, the Shark, the Yacht and other similar locations. Not only that, but secondary and less important locations can also hide more than one, so that these areas have been swarming with enemies for some time now, all busy searching for the very useful aircraft.