Fortnite, how to play in Creative mode

Fortnite is updating to version 7, among the new features new winter maps and even snowboards, but above all a new game mode Creative

New game mode on Fortnite, the famous survival video game by Epic Games. With Season 7, in fact, was introduced the Creative game mode, which allows users to create a custom map to play with their friends. After the western-style fights introduced in the last season, the developers of Epic Games have tried to shake things up, with the aim of offering new ideas and not to bore the millions of gamers that the game boasts around the world.

With Creative, as mentioned,  we can customize a map in all its details. From the terrain and scenery options to the presence of buildings, treasures and weapons. You can choose whether to create a customized map and play it only with friends or share it and wait for other gamers to join the game. You can also publish your maps in a special community created by Epic Games to create real campaigns with different maps and with different scenarios and weapons. It is basically an update, with major improvements, of the already present mode Fortnite Playground LTM.

How to use the Creative mode of Fortnite

At the moment, the Creative mode for Fortnite has been seen only on PC but Epic Games has already made it known that in the coming hours will be performed the release of the same game mode also on the other platforms, such as PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and iOS and Android smartphones. To play the mode all we need to do is access the page dedicated to the Creative section and create a new map choosing the terrain, buildings, weapons and all the customizations that we like the most on Fortnite.

Remember that Fortnite season 7 was released on December 6, 2018, and in addition to the new Creative mode we will find new maps with winter and Christmas themes. And among the new items there will also be a snowboard. Also should be present in this new version a snowstorm to complicate the plans of players during their online challenges.