Fortnite is not working today, what’s going on

Since 8pm today, March 17, 2020, Fortnite servers are giving several problems to gamers. The same Epic Games has acknowledged the problem; causes still unknown

For about half an hour Fortnite is not working. As you can see on the portal of Epic Games, the entire platform is experiencing various inefficiencies. According to the developer's technicians, at the moment there are problems with the login, the match making system and other components that allow the proper functioning of the game.

According to the information that you can get from the site Down Detector, the problem affects thousands of gamers around the world. Most of the reports are coming from North-Central Europe (France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and United Kingdom), but several reports are also coming from the United States. In short, it is a global problem and the same Epic Games is aware of it and is trying to solve it as soon as possible.

Fortnite down March 17, 2020, what we know so far

The causes that led to the disruption are not yet known. What is certain is that a lot of players around the world are unable to log in. Or, even if they manage to access their profile, they still can't get into a match: the system that selects players and "catapults" them into a game is not working properly. According to the Epic Games website, the communication and messaging services (apart from voice chat, which is fully functional), the shop and the game services are not working either.

At the moment, the causes that led to this malfunction have not been disclosed. The situation, however, could be related to an excessive number of players connected to the servers at the same time. These days, thanks to the Coronavirus, an increasing number of people spend their time on various gaming platforms, causing generalized slowdowns. It cannot be ruled out that a spike in connections has somehow interfered with the proper functioning of the gaming platform.