Fortnite isn’t working: what’s going on and when will it come back online

Since 10:00 am on February 5, 2020 Fortnite isn't working. Epic Games is releasing the video game's 11.50 update. Here's when it comes back online

Fortnite down: since 10:00 this morning (February 5, 2020) it is impossible to access the game servers. But players do not have to fear catastrophes or sudden blockage of the servers: it is a routine maintenance already announced by Epic Games in the previous days. In fact, the developers are releasing the update 11.50 Fortnite, which brings with it some new features in the various game modes.

The maintenance should last a couple of hours and by lunchtime players will be able to return to pick up the joystick and face their battles. What does the new 11.50 update bring with it? Epic Games has not let slip anything, so we grope in the dark. Some players are talking about the possibility of the debut of the new graphics engine on which Epic Games has been working in recent months, while others claim that will be launched the last challenges in view of the start of Chapter 2 Season 2 set for mid-February. We'll continue to monitor the situation and keep you updated.

Why Fortnite isn't working today

No alarm. Today's Fortnite down was planned for some time: the software house is releasing the update to version 11.50. This is a usual procedure: every time the developers have to release a new version of the video game, Epic Games prefers to send Fortnite offline in order not to create problems.

When Fortnite will work again

The 11.50 update is a routine update and the Fortnite down should not last long. According to the most optimistic forecasts, the game will be back up and running by lunchtime. Only in case of problems or heavy update, the game could be back online between 2:00 and 4:00 pm.

Fortnite 11.50 update: what changes

The update to version 11.50 could bring several new features to the video game. The most important one concerns the new graphic engine Chaos by Unreal Engine: the tests have started at the end of last month and if they have given positive results the novelty could arrive already today. With the new graphics engine movements should be more fluid and greater the destructibility of the ecosystem. A few more hours and we will know more.