Fortnite, modification of wind tunnels and removal of shotguns

In spite of the timely intervention, Epic Games is testing other solutions that perhaps we will see in the next update

With the arrival of Fortnite Season 9, a lot of new features have been included, including cities, weapons, items never seen before and many surprises. The Battle Royale, however, has some less balanced features in the new season, such as wind tunnels and shotguns. The developers of Epic Games have already set to work to find a solution to the problem.

In recent days, in fact, there have been heated discussions about some issues related to shotguns (removed) and the 'excessive' speed of the wind tunnels. What are we talking about? These are shockwave-based air ducts that, according to many users of the game, would have been too fast. This flaw would have created problems in the final stages of the game, causing confusion.

The developers immediately intervened with a slight nerf to the speed of internal movement of the tunnels, bringing them back to the initial speed. Despite the timely change, Epic Games is still testing other solutions, which we'll most likely see in the first update of Season 9, and that should arrive between Wednesday and Thursday.