Fortnite, now you can also see movies: it starts with Inception

Night Cinema is a new event available on Fortnite. For the first date there will be a screening of the film Interception by Nolan

It is called "Cinema Night" and is the new series of events organized by Epic Games to make Fortnite more and more special. As you can guess from the name, players will be able to follow within the Royal Party game mode the screening of a movie. It starts with Inception, the masterpiece of Christopher Nolan, and in the coming weeks and months will continue with other titles.

This is not the first time that a film of the British director is shown on Fortnite: in previous weeks had been broadcast in a world exclusive trailer Tenet, the new film by Nolan available in theaters from July 31. La partnership tra il regista e Fortnite, quindi, sembra proseguire ed è un segnale di quanto il videogame sia diventato importante nella cultura pop. Gli utenti italiani avranno due opportunità per guardare Inception su Fortnite, entrambe venerdì 25 luglio. La prima alle ore 11:00, la seconda alle ore 23:00. La visione è gratuita, ma è vietato registrare o trasmettere la pellicola, quindi niente stream su Twitch.

Quali film verranno trasmessi su Fortnite

In totale le pellicole in onda nel Party Reale di Fortnite saranno tre:

  • Inception
  • Batman Begins
  • The Prestige.

Tutti i tre titoli sono di Cristopher Nolan, ma in Italia sarà possibile vedere solamente Inception. Il film, infatti, varia in base alla nazione.

Come vedere Inception su Fortnite

La proiezione di Inception avverrà sul Grande Schermo del Party Reale di Fornite. For those who do not know, Royal Party is a recently launched mode designed for this kind of events: live concerts, film screenings and who knows what the future holds Epic Games.

The vision of the film is free, just be present in front of the screen at the start time. The software house has already assured that for the next times it is testing new organizational methods to give the possibility to everyone to participate in the event.

The film should be broadcast in original language, but there is the possibility to activate the subtitles in Italian.

When to see Inception on Fortnite

Double appointment with Inception on the Royal Party of Fornite. The first one is for Friday, June 26, 2020 at 11:00 am, while the replica will be aired also on Friday, but at 11:00 pm.