Fortnite on Android: 5 tips to play it safely

Fortnite, especially on Android smartphones, is increasingly targeted by cyber criminals, so here is a series of tips to play safely

Fortnite, especially in its Multiplayer Battle Royale version, becomes more popular every day. Especially now that you can play it from Android smartphones. A success that obviously has also attracted the attention of many cyber criminals. So here's how to play Fortnite safely.

On the robotic operating system Epic Games, the company that develops the Fortnite video game, has decided not to include the application within the classic Google Play Store. This means that to download Fortnite for Android we will have to download it exclusively from the official website of Epic Games. It is not a difficult operation, but for any problem you can help you with our guide: how to download Fortnite on your Android phone. Unfortunately, not all users are aware of this choice made by Epic Games and many hackers are exploiting their naivety to create malicious applications that disguise themselves as video games. So here are 5 tricks to avoid falling into the trap of cyber criminals when playing Fortnite.

Download Fortnite for Android only from the official Epic Games website

It may seem obvious but it is not. To play Fortnite on Android we must download the game exclusively from the official website of Epic Games. No installations from Google Play Store or other sites that claim to be associated with Fortnite. The risk of malware is very high, so pay close attention to what you download on your smartphone and even on your computer.

After downloading reactivate the block from unknown sources

To complete the installation of Fortnite from the site Epic Games at some point we will have to go to Settings, then Security and then activate the download from unknown sources. This will allow us to install a program even if it is not present in the Google Play Store. Once the process is complete, remember to go back to the settings and reactivate the block of installations from unknown sources. This is in fact one of the best protections against automatic malicious virus downloads that we may encounter while surfing online.

Update Fortnite Launcher

In recent weeks the Fortnite launcher for Android has been subject to numerous hacker attacks. Basically while we were convinced to launch the video game a cyber criminal was acting in the shadows to sabotage our smartphone. For this reason it is good to use only version 2.1.0, or higher, of the Epic Games launcher. This is in fact the updated version with new security patches.

Change your Fortnite password as soon as possible

This is a useful tip for everyone and not just Fortnite Android gamers. In recent months, the Epic Games platform has suffered a series of hacker attacks that have led to the theft of thousands of account passwords. Maybe our profile is not among those affected by the theft, but why risk it? Let's go to the personal area and change the password to avoid unpleasant surprises.  

Enable two-factor authentication

This is also a useful tip for all gamers. To avoid account theft we go to our private area and activate the two-factor authentication feature. In this way we will always receive a second temporary password on our smartphone before accessing the game and no one can use our account even if they know our main password.