Fortnite, Party Royale arrives: new map and new game mode

A new game mode and map is coming to Fortnite. That's what Party Royale is and what will change in Fortnite

If Fortnite lovers were waiting for a signal from Epic Games to change the fortunes of a video game that in recent months was suffering the setbacks of the arrival of Call of Duty: Warzone, the signal has arrived. According to an anticipation published on Twitter by a dataminer who has analyzed the code of Fortnite, in the video game is coming a new map and a new game mode that would be added to those already present.

The code name of the map is Papaya, while for the game mode the name chosen should be Party Royale. And we also know some features of the new mode: weapons are banned (a real revolution for the game) and in the map there are some activities that users can do together with other players, such as skydiving, soccer (a new competitor for Fifa and PES?), running and many other things. When will the new map and mode arrive? For the moment it is not known, but probably will not have to wait long: the Season 2 of Chapter 2 should end by June 3 and from June 4 will start the Season 3.

Fortnite: what is Party Royale

In recent days had appeared online rumors of the return of the old Fortnite map for a new mode. And as is often the case, the anticipations are not always correct, but they center the point. On Fortnite is really coming another map, but it is not the one from Chapter 1, but it is a brand new one. The codename is Papaya and from the images posted on social networks should be slightly smaller than the other maps appeared so far on Fortnite.

Papaya will be the protagonist of the new Party Royale mode. Also in this case we are faced with an absolute novelty. In the moment of maximum difficulty for Fortnite (despite the record numbers recorded with the concert of Travis Scott), the developers pull out a game mode that changes the face of the video game.

From the anticipations released in these hours, in Party Royale will not have to use weapons. To say it is the same Epic Games in the description of the mode in the code of the game "Party Royale: Welcome to the Party! Leave your weapons and your parachutes and have fun with your friends, play games, improve your skydiving and much more. The party has just begun!"

What will you be able to do in Party Royale mode? There will be many different activities. Besides skydiving, you will be able to play soccer, running and even swimming. There are many points of interest in the map that players will be able to visit.

When will Party Royale be available on Fortnite

At the moment, no date has been released for the release of the new game mode. It's unlikely to arrive in Season 2 of Chapter 2, which is now on its last legs. Much more likely it will be present within the Season 3 update, scheduled for June 4.