Fortnite, Polar Peak melts: what’s going on?

The snowy area is melting right around the iceberg. Could it be because of Season 9?

Although rain and cold temperatures make us think otherwise, spring has arrived, at least in Fortnite. Irony aside, it seems that something is changing the 'climate' within the map of the title signed Epic Games. In all likelihood it is the arrival of Season 9 that, disappointing expectations, should arrive during the day today (and not yesterday as was expected).

As the Battle Royale has accustomed us, we know that nothing is predictable within the game and that everything can change. We've seen new locations spring up and said goodbye to others. Just like what happened recently to Corso Commercio and Pinnacles Leaning, destroyed by the eruption of the volcano. One of its meteorites also hit Polar Peak.

Many youtubers and community members have reported that the snowy area is melting right around the iceberg. Could this be the very place that will be transformed with the start of Season 9? Who knows, maybe the melting of Polar Peak will make accessible all those areas that could not be reached due to ice.