Fortnite, problems during the event: as a gift the Arcana hang glider

During the Unvaulting event many Fortnite users have complained of problems: here's how Epic Games has responded

Not everything goes right in the varied world of Fortnite.

And in fact, the famous Epic Games game has recently experienced some not-so-simple moments during the long-awaited Unvaulting event, during which the explosion of a volcano caused the destruction of the Leaning Pinnacles and Trade Course (which players witnessed from the air). Numerous technical problems were encountered during the event, however, and many players complained about not being able to watch the show set up by Epic Games.

The apology from the development house came via Twitter, but to make sure that users soon forget these malfunctions, Fortnite has decided to give away to all players who joined the event the Arcana hang glider (worth 1500 V-Bucks). If you had previously purchased the hang glider, you will be refunded the purchase fee. In addition, Epic Games will try to make available replays of the explosion. It won't be like watching it live, but it's better than nothing...