Fortnite sales slump: fairy tale over?

Fortnite sales suffer a collapse of 48%: what's happening to the phenomenon of Epic Games?

There are those who speak of a fairy tale already over, because the figure is actually quite significant. In January 2019 Fortnite has in fact suffered a drastic drop in receipts compared to December 2018. We're talking about a -48% in reference to revenue, which has rightly worried Epic Games.

The data of Fortnite for 2018 were in fact stellar: we talk about a revenue due to the famous video game of as much as three billion dollars, a third of which is due exclusively to the iOS version. The decline, however, seems to be general: in January it is estimated that users spent $8.4 billion (across all platforms), which is 6% less than last year.

There are those who suspect, however, that there is also the paw of Apex Legends. "What happened in this month of January is not exactly clear. - argues Paul Tassi of - Yes, December is the vacation season, but it's harder for Fortnite than most games to take advantage of the holidays because you're not exactly buying a gift box. Fortnite offered gift items and several vacation packages, but it was almost all in digital format, which seems less affected by explosive Christmas sales." Is this the beginning of the end of a phenomenon or just a temporary statistic?"