Fortnite Season 11, bots arrive: what they’re for

Developers Epic Games want to make newly registered players progress faster. With the next updates will come ad hoc novelties

The hardest part of being successful is not so much getting it, but being able to maintain it. They know it well the top management of Epic Games, after having created a game from over 100 million players per month (we're talking about Fortnite, of course), are doing everything possible to stay at the top (and thus continue to ensure the revenue millionaires that the game guarantees).

To succeed in what to most might seem an almost impossible task, writers and developers of Fortnite are preparing to introduce a novelty that should help balance the challenges between newly enrolled players and veterans of the game. Those who sign up now to Fortnite, in fact, start in a situation of distinct disadvantage compared to those who, for example, signed up two years ago, when the online game was launched. So, from the next update will be introduced some elements that will help newcomers to progress faster, without having to contend with gamers far stronger than them.

Fortnite 10.40: the new matchmaking

The update Fortnite 10.40 will introduce a matchmaking logic (ie, selection of participants in a challenge) optimized in the basic modes of Battle Royale to get more balanced pairings of players between them. The new system will increase the likelihood of being matched during game sessions with players of similar abilities. This change will be implemented gradually and applied to all regions of the default mode of Battle Royale and will be further optimized through a series of tests planned to monitor the performance.

Fortnite: bots arrive

The update 10.40 will in a sense be the forerunner to the big news that will be introduced with the Season 11 of Fortnite: for the first time in the game will make an appearance bots. Epic Games will introduce virtual players, who will behave in every way like normal players and offer the possibility to "real" players to improve and refine their skills in the game. The bots will take advantage of the new matchmaking system introduced with the 10.40 update, and as skills increase, there will be fewer and fewer bots for each new player to deal with. Finally, at least for now, bots will not be available in competitive playlists.