Fortnite Season 4 Chapter 2 official: farewell to the iPhone, iPad and Mac

The Season 4 Chapter 2 of Fornite is not available on the iPhone, iPad and Mac. Updates are blocked until further notice

We announced it in the previous weeks and now the confirmation is here: Season 4 Chapter 2 of Fornite available from August 27, 2020 will not be able to be played on iPhone, iPad and Mac. Making the announcement is directly Epic Games on the official Fortnite blog. "Apple is blocking updates and new installations of Fortnite on the App Store, and has stated that it will prevent us from developing Fortnite for Apple devices. Therefore, on August 27, the update (v14.00) of Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 4 will not be released on iOS."

These are the words used by the software house to communicate the decision to its users. Although there was still no official confirmation, for several days now there has been talk of the impossibility for iOS users to download the update to version 14.00 of Fortnite that begins the Season 4 Chapter 2. And the reason is always linked to the legal diatribe that broke out between August 13 and 14, days in which Fornite was first deleted from the App Store and then from the Google Play Store for not respecting the rules of the two stores.

The story is now known and known. Epic Games has added a new direct payment method to the Fortnite app that bypasses the only one that can be used on the two official stores. With this method you do not apply the fee of 30% that Apple requires developers for each purchase made in game. This tool, however, openly violates the App Store policy and the application was immediately removed from the store.

How to continue playing Fortnite

On Apple devices (iPhone, iPad and Mac) Fortnite will remain updated to Season 3 Chapter 2 and the Battle Pass will end on August 27, 2020. Users will be able to continue playing, but they won't get any new content.

For those, however, who want to continue playing Fortnite updated to Season 4 Chapter 2, all other devices are available: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, GeForce Now and the Epic Games app on Android.

In fact, those who own a smartphone with the green robot operating system will be able to continue playing with the latest updated version of Fornite. The game's app can be downloaded from Samsung's store, or directly from Epic Games' online store. In questi casi gli aggiornamenti sono garantiti per sempre.

Chi ha scaricato il gioco per iOS, lo potrà giocare per sempre, ma solo aggiornato fino alla versione 13.40. Nel caso in cui lo si è cancellato per errore, i giocatori possono nuovamente scaricare l’app seguendo questi semplici passaggi:

  • Apri l’app store
  • Fai clic sull’icona Account nell’angolo superiore destro
  • Fai clic su “Acquistate" per aprire l’elenco delle app precedentemente scaricate
  • Fai clic sull’icona Cloud o sul pulsante Download accanto all’app di Fortnite