Fortnite, Season 9 coming today: here’s what we know

A Season that will most likely have to do with time, especially with a journey to the future

In these hours Fortnite servers should be offline, because, if the calculations are not wrong, Epic Games should release Season 9 of the Battle Royale. Users should be able to start playing the title again between 12 and 14 today (Italian time), completing the rollout by the first half of the afternoon. What will happen with this new update?

Just a few days ago a first image was released showing a ninjanon cyborg warrior: it is a never-before-seen, futuristic-themed skin that will be part of the new paid Battle Pass. The developers of Epic Games have added "the future is unknown". What will that mean? On the image, in addition, the letter "N" appears. While in a new teaser there is a female soldier equipped with hyper-technological armor. Accompanying the image, this time, the phrase "the future is bright".

If, as often happens in Fortnite, the images will form a kind of puzzle, what will be the word that will appear at the end? This we do not know yet, although many have speculated that it is "now". A Season, the ninth, that will most likely have to do with time, especially with a journey into the future. Will this involve the entire game map? Could Leaning Pinnacles and Corso Commercio be reborn?

As always, we'll just have to wait and see... Are you ready?