Fortnite, the battle pass for season 8 will be free

Do you want to get the free battle pass for Fortnite season 8? Epic Games is giving you the chance to win it, but it won't be easy at all

Of course, we're only in the field of speculation, but in this case we can say that a clue makes a proof, or almost. After Apex Legends recorded 25 million registered users in just a week from launch, the strategists of Epic Games seem almost to have been forced to take the shelters not to lose too many users.

If it actually went so is not given to know, but the fact is that the battle pass for season 8 of Fortnite will be free. A gift of about 10 euros that the U.S. developer, capable of generating billions of dollars in revenue in 2018, will not reserve for all its users. To be able to get the Fortnite battle pass for free, with the approximately 100 prizes that brings in dowry, gamers will have to excel during the current season. In particular, according to Epic Games, users will have to complete a series of challenges in the latest version of the game.

How to get free battle passes

With the Valentine's Day update (specifically, Fortnite version 7.40), Epic Games has introduced 13 Extraordinary Time Challenges, which should keep gamers busy for quite some time. If, however, you are good enough to overcome them in less than two weeks (exactly by February 28) you will earn a free battle pass for Fortnite season 8. According to some analysts, this is a move by the double value: on the one hand tries to dampen the effect Apex Legends, the other gives new motivation to gamers who, now arrived at the end of the season, could think of taking a break from the title of Epic Games or, in fact, give a chance to new games battle royale.