Fortnite, the thieves arrive: hackers steal and resell accounts

Fortnite accounts with rare skins and costumes have become the target of hackers who resell them on the dark web for several hundred euros: how to defend yourself

Fortnite is one of the most successful games of 2018: launched almost quietly by Epic Games, in a few months it has become the video game of the year. Every month the software house invoices hundreds of millions of dollars thanks to the in-app purchases of the players: skins, weapons, costumes, essential to customize your character. As you can imagine, in order to buy these customizations, players spend tens of euros every day, increasing the value of their profile.

This money, however, has also increased the attention of hackers to Fortnite, so that in recent months was born a "parallel market" in the dark web where they are sold profiles stolen from players. For hackers to get hold of a Fortnite account is really very simple, especially if the two-factor authentication is not active. The hackers go on the attack of gamers wearing valuable skins or costumes worth several hundred euros. And unfortunately, the unsuspecting gamer can do nothing to recover their profile. The Fortnite scam was discovered by the BBC, which also interviewed one of the hackers who has so far earned several thousand pounds sell the stolen profiles.

Which Fortnite accounts are stolen

As shown by the investigation carried out by the British state TV, the main target of the hackers are Fortnite accounts with rare skins and costumes, which can be resold on the "black market" at a price ranging from a few hundred euros up to a few thousand euros. The hacking activity is carried out by very young hackers who in most cases are not even eighteen years old. Every day they target dozens of players in the hope of finding the classic "golden goose" that can earn them even a few hundred euros in the "dark web".

How to defend your Fortnite account

As we wrote at the beginning of the article, hackers target Fortnite accounts that have not activated two-factor authentication. If you haven't done so yet, there's still time to activate the security system: click on Account Settings and then on "Password and Security". By clicking on the "Two-Factor Authentication" tab, a new window will open and you'll have to click on "Activate App Authenticator or Enable Email Authentication". Once the operation is completed you will also receive the gift of the emote Boogiedown to use in the Royal Battle.