Fortnite, western-style fights arrive

Here's the new Fortnite 6.3 update, from six-shooters to double-barreled shotguns to dynamite, all new western-inspired fights

Dust, guns and an Ennio Morricone song in the background. No, it's not a new chapter of a spaghetti-western movie but the new fights we'll be seeing on Fortnite. The 6.3 update of the famous survival video game has in fact included a new mode of battle between users inspired just by the old West.

The fights to the death with six-guns are part of the new version Wild West, contained as mentioned in the 6.3 update of Fortnite that is now available on Android, iOS, PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The new version with this new combat mode weighs about 150MB and in addition to the classic pistols, you can challenge in shots to the last bullet even with shotguns and revolvers. There is also the classic dynamite so present in western movies that can be used to set traps for enemies and to win any type of fight on Fortnite.

Fortnite 6.3 here are all the news of the update

In addition to the fights in western style with pistols and rifles and the explosive charge of dynamite with the new Fortnite update are several new features that we will see on the video game. Let's start with the weapons, also inspired by the era of the Wild West, and then we can use shotgun, shotgun, double-barreled shotgun and the classic six-shooter. Many new accessories, from bivouac to bandages, through the aforementioned dynamite and medical kits vintage style.

The update comes just after the announcement by Epic Games, software house that makes the game, to have released support for playing with mice and keyboards from Xbox One. Epic Games, however, has made it known that in online challenges those who use mouse and keyboard console will still be matched to players who use the same peripherals. No challenge then between joypad and keyboard even if they come from the same Xbox One. This has been done to maintain a certain balance in the game.