Fortnite, with the latest update lost all saves

Epic Games' European servers are causing serious problems for users in the Old Continent. Thousands of gamers complain about the disappearance of saves

Big problems, in recent hours, for fans of Fortnite: the update 11.40 PvE mode Save the World is creating huge inconvenience to thousands of users, especially in Europe.

From what emerges from discussions on Reddit and gaming forums, in fact, the problems would not affect the PvP Battle Royale mode and that users connected to non-European servers would not have problems even in PvE mode. Epic Games, not without embarrassment, had to admit that its European servers have some problems and that it is already working on a solution. It is not the first time that such episodes happen on Fortnite and, in past cases, Epic Games has always managed to solve them. It is likely, therefore, that it is a matter of a few days, if not hours, and then everything will be back as before.

Problems in Fortnite, what's going on

The problems experienced by European users of Fortnite in PvE mode Save the World are serious: players have lost most of their saves, items saved in their locker and inventory. The problems have been coming gradually and the situation seems to be getting worse hour by hour, until the loss of saves. Epic Games says that it has found errors in some files hosted on its European servers and that it is correcting them.

How to play Fortnite without problems

Since the problems only affect the European servers of Epic Games, waiting for the software house to solve them you can get around them by connecting on NA West servers, that is the servers of Western America, those closest to our continent but still outside of Europe. You may experience some slowdowns due to the distance of the servers from the player, but at least you should not run into the serious problems caused by the use of European servers.

To do this you must change the "Matchmaking Region" setting in the game settings: each region corresponds to different servers and the latency, indicated in milliseconds along with the region, varies accordingly. If the American servers are too crowded and slow (in these hours thousands and thousands of European players are pouring on those servers) you should try to use servers of other regions.