Fortnite World Cup: immediately eliminated the strongest player in the world

Ninja failed to qualify for the final stages of Fortnite World Cup, the World Cup to be held in New York from July 26 to 28

He will be there, but as a spectator: the world's most famous Fortnite player, streamer Tyler Blevins aka "Ninja", failed to qualify for the final of the Fortnite World Cup organized by Epic Games, which will begin on July 26 at Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York and will close its doors on July 28.

Ninja, against all expectations, failed to qualify either alone or paired with his colleague/partner Malachi Greine, aka Reverse2k. Already two weeks ago Ninja had failed to qualify as a single player, unlike Reverse2k who has succeeded and therefore will participate in the World Cup. Ninja and Reverse2k as a pair survived 3 full hours of play, finishing with 64 points, but to access the championship pairs needed 25 more.

Record jackpot

The Fortnite Wolrd Cup is not just a game: it is a true global event and a very rich competition. The total prize pool amounts to $30 million, with a single player champion prize of a whopping $3 million. Ninja won't be able to compete to take home this amount, but given his current earnings it won't be a big loss for him.

Game Star Millionaire

Richard Tyler Blevins "Ninja" isn't just a 1991 kid with a passion for video games. He's a full-blown celebrity with 22 million followers on YouTube, 14.5 million followers on Twitch, 4.4 million followers on Twitter, who married another gaming star in 2017, Jessica aka JGhosty, who is now his manager. In the past, Ninja has admitted to CNBC that he earns half a million dollars a month, while he told Forbes that each new follower makes him $5. In 2018, Ninja earned $10 million playing mostly Fortnite. Basically, Blevins now has so many followers that if he chooses to play a title it receives a huge commercial boost. For this reason the software houses court him and he, consequently, earns more every year than the previous one. According to Reuters, for example, Electronic Arts has paid 1 million dollars for Ninja to play Apex Legends on its Twitch channel. To these revenues Ninja adds those coming from the partnership with Red Bull Esports and from the sales of the electronic music tracks of the album Ninjawerks Vol. 1 made in collaboration with the Astralwerks label.